note: instruction manual includes part list to build the auto monitor.

note: the auto monitor components are free for download and are open source.

Step 4: download auto monitor components.

Step 3: download auto monitor instructions.

note: you can skip ahead to the video tutorials below or continue on setting up the auto monitor.


Step 2: download asset tracking software.

Step 1: Watch asset tracking videos.

Asset Tracking & Auto Monitor

Asset Tracking + Auto Monitor Demo

Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking Tutorials

Operation of Software

Please feel free to watch the tutorials.

bar code scanner

Automation of Asset Tracking

Watch video on automating data entry of the Asset Tracking program.

asset tracking cards

Create Asset Tracking Cards

Automation of the data entry can be completed with bar code scanning. An excellent source of bar codes you can use is

You can use or modify our asset tracking card by downloading the template.

shop display

Using Asset Tracking

Watch video on step by step instructions for using the Shop Display and Asset Log.


Setup of Asset Tracking

Watch video on step by step instructions for setting up Asset Tracking.


Installation of Asset Tracking

Watch video for step by step instructions for cd or web download versions of Asset Tracking.

The source for workflow tools and insights

Real time visibility of asset availability for any size organization. 

Asset performance, quality of product produced and down time are the components of lost production. Lost production directly impacts the profits of any organization. Down time is a hidden loss. Many organizations track down time but do not make gains due to information is too late or too difficult to manage the information.

Excellent Insights has developed a tool for tracking asset down time and display the data for a real time update of asset status.  The down time reasons are maintained by employees operating the asset through utilization of pc and or bar code scanners. The status of the machine can also be automated with the Auto Monitor.