3. Setup Work Elements and Assets

To add a work element you will drag your mouse to the Work Elements tab located on the left side of the form right below the tool bar menu. Click the green button with a + symbol for the number of work elements you will use.

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2. Create New Project

To create a new project you will want to take your mouse and go to the file menu. The file menu is located on the upper left hand corner of the screen under the factory icon. Select File then New.

How to use Easy Time Lite

1. Install Easy Time Lite

Download free version or purchase Easy Time Lite. Unzip and run the setup.exe..

(Watch video to walk you through the process).


Easy Time Lite is a utility designed to simplify time study tasks and improve the quality of the characterization of processes. Easy Time Lite can now allow you to easily quantify the waste in your process. You no longer need a stop watch to perform a time study. Easy Time Lite will quickly become a valued tool in your tool box. Easy Time Lite's help section can guide you through the process of setting up, conducting and analyzing your process time study.

4. Conduct Time Study

Click the Time Study tab and once the time study begins click the work
element button being performed. Once the work element is active it will turn green and a counter to the right will appear showing accumulated time for the work element. A note box will appear for the active work element. Enter information pertaining to the active work element.


5. Post Processing

When the time study is complete click the Post Processing tab located under the tool bar on the upper right hand side of the screen. The post processing area has more information to define the time study. The project log is a detailed log of each active and non active work element and asset. The summary is the accumulated summary of the work elements and asset times. The files can be imported into a spread sheet .