Dimensional stack up

Simple Stack Up Tool

The dimensional stack up template is free to down load and improve upon. The dimensional stack up tool allows you to document design information.

Open improvement tools

Following are free for down load.


Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control

The DMAIC tools are free to download and improve upon. You can use them to help your organization improve your Six Sigma yellow belt team members knowledge of the DMAIC process.


Electronic Catapult

The electronic catapult program, templates and presentation are free to down load and improve upon. The catapult program replicates many of the same functions as the real catapult used for six sigma training. The templates and presentation support the catapult as a process variation learning tool.



Open improvement tools

Free Continuous Improvement Tools

What are "Open Improvement Tools"? Much like the Makers movement and Open Source concept the Open tools are available for you for free download and to improve upon.

Why are we giving away tools?

1. We believe the more people we help the more relevant we become.

2.  You may find an improvement that you can share with us and create an even better product.

3. We are just really nice people.

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